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Pigeon Problems
Posted on Sep 12th, 2019
The pigeon problem has been greatly reduced through the use of falcons.  Please report any problems to the management company so we can direct the falconer to that area. 
Please do not feed pigeons or other animals in the common areas.
Repipe Project
Posted on Sep 12th, 2019
The repipe on Building 7 is completed and awaiting final inspection sometime during the week of October 14th.  Once the inspection is completed the entire complex will have been repiped.
Trash Cans
Posted on Aug 14th, 2019
The Board thanks residents who have been complying with the new trash can rules. After a rather slow start, there are very few  residents who leave their trash cans out after pick-up.
Trash cans left out past the allowed time will be removed and residents must contact the management company to retrieve them. Management will continue to issue violations, if necessary, owners whose unit's cans are left out. 
The Board urges residents to report any trash-related issues to the management company (you can use the Contact Us option on this website). By working together we can improve the appearance of the La Vista community.

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